"Be Like A Potted Plant And Sit Quietly In The Corner"

I had to drop everything I was doing in order to report on this gem. Apparently, legal writing is a punishment for tongue-lashing your opposing counsel in writing. In a matter pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, defense counsel for GEICO (oh, those poor maligned insurance counsel) took the iguana’s one-liners to heart when he peppered his letters to the two plaintiffs’ counsel with “unprofessional” accusations and insults about their boring and lengthy prose and their professional integrity and acumen. The offending counsel has been ordered by the judge to submit an article within six months time to the Oklahoma bar about “civility” and “professionalism” as these concepts are employed in “adversary proceedings.” I can’t do this one justice (excuse the blatant pun): check out the downloadable PDF of the order here: Download 07-cv-868.pdf.  Hats off to the Honorable Vickie Miles-LaGrange for advancing both legal writing and good manners all in one concise, two page order!


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