Check Out Gerry Spence's New Blog

Ahhhhhh. Fresh from my vacation in Fire Island with a dear high school friend.


Hard to pull back to reality, but here I am again, blogging away. In my absence, I see that I have new company in the blogging world. At the ripe age of 80 years, Gerry Spence shows his fearlessness by engaging in a decidedly modern mode of communication and appears to be enjoying it. 

 His blog started on July 16, 2008 with a humble introduction, followed by several entries on a topic of great interest to him: slavery and freedom.

For those unfamiliar with the man, Mr. Spence’s first big win was obtaining a $10,500,000 verdict against Kerr-McGee in the Karen Silkwood case on behalf of her children.

  (Meryl Streep as Karen Silkwood). He also secured a $26,535,000 verdict for Miss Wyoming against Penthouse and successfully defended Ed Cantrell in a notorious murder case out of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Mr. Spence won a $52,000,000 verdict against McDonald’s Corporation on behalf of noticeably smaller, bankrupt, private ice cream company arising out of McDonald’s breach of an oral contract. Mr. Spence ably assisted Imelda Marcos in avoiding guilty verdicts on multiple charges in 1990. In 1992, he obtained a $15,000,000 compensatory and $18,500,000 punitive verdict against an insurance company for emotional distress damages suffered by his client, a quadriplegic, based on the insurer’s failure to pay the $50,000 policy limit twenty years prior. Spence successfully defended Randy Weaver on murder, assault, conspiracy, and gun charges in an infamous Idaho federal standoff case. He has not lost a jury trial since 1969, and he has never lost a criminal case.

At his stage of life, who knows where Mr. Spence will take his blog. Never at a loss for words, there is no doubt, Mr. Spence will prove an interesting read.



One comment on “Check Out Gerry Spence's New Blog

  1. I am not a lawyer, I have not met Mr. Spence (yet).It is on the top of my “Bucket list”. I more than enjoy his writings and learn something new everytime I read, I truly feel blessed to have the opportunity to live at the same time as Mr. Spence. which enables me to understand more of what he writes about, poeple 100 years from now will feel deprived of not knowing the times we are living in and how we all feel about these times. Thank you, Mr. Spence your friend Bill Frenette

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