Searchme Visual Search – Beta – Rev. 1.090

After reading about this site a couple of times on Robert Ambrogi’s blog LawSites, I finally had to go check this out myself. Searchme, a web site, video and image search engine, uses a visual interface similar to the look of Apple’s “coverflow” for album art to scroll through snapshots of web pages, videos and still images of whatever subject you are researching. I found it very easy to use.  As I am a visual learner, I also found it very easy to absorb the information. The site also permits you to save files of of information on a particular search topic simply by creating a “stack” and dragging and dropping the snapshots into the appropriately designated stack. The stacks can be saved and shared in their own unique URL, sent by email or loaded onto a social networking site. I am not sure about downloading your “stack” for use in a PowerPoint presentation, but I think that would be a most excellent method of collecting research and formatting it for presentation.

Give it a try today!  Searchme Visual Search – Beta – rev. 1.090

Searchme Visual Search – Beta – rev. 1.090


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