“We Want To Spread The Knowledge For Free Over The Internet”

Have you heard of PreCYdent? If you are a legal researcher and you haven’t, you should take notice. Heck, if you are one of the big Two, you know – Westlaw and Lexus, you probably should take notice too. This Web-based legal research site promises a more internet-like search interface and legal authority for FREE – my favorite word. The site is supported by advertising. It was formed in April, 2006 by Tom Smith in San Diego and Antonio Tomarchio in Milan, Italy. PreCYdent utilizes the same search technology as the major Web search engines. At this time, the database includes U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals cases from 12 states, with all 50 states to follow within the next few months. It even includes a citator service. PreCYdent also offers the Web 2.0 experience of an on-line community where people can share knowledge, experience and assistance. I find the ability to “rate” cases intriguing.

Check out an advertisement / tutorial prepared by Mr. Tomarchio on YouTube:

I learned from the clip that I can install a widget on my website that will point to a PreCYdent search. I think I will add one. Stay tuned to http://advantageadvocates.com for your chance to try PreCydent.

For more, visit http://advantageadvocates.com

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