What? Law Schools Not Teaching Legal Research?

Can it be true? Well, Arthur Miller, the King of Civil Procedure, says so. The Legal Writing Prof Blog has this entry about a recent Town Hall Meeting held in Portland Oregon sponsored by none other than West Publishing / Thomson. Apparently, law schools are sacrificing the practical for breadth of course selection. In Mr. Miller’s opinion, the pure practice apparently is suffering as a result.

Here is part one of the interview:

Here is part two of the interview:

 Mr. Miller believes that the deficit in research and writing skills begins in early elementary school and may not be rectified at the higher levels of schooling or on the legal job. This is particularly true if the new attorney ends up in somewhere other than the largest law firms, where there is some commitment to a certain level of basic research and writing training in-house for new attorneys.

Never fear. Even if you suffer from the deficits described by Mr. MIller, you can always find the best quality research and writing right here at Advantage Advocates!

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