Keyboard Shortcuts – Microsoft Word

I AM psychic. I was thinking about macros today and tonight I caught this nice little post on Res Ipsa Blog listing ten underused Microsoft Word Keyboard shortcuts. The list includes: (1) get back to where you were; (2) switch between text case; (3) switch to small caps; (4) delete entire words; (5) quickly add annotations or comments; (6) switch between open Word documents on a Mac; (7) add a footnote; (8) use the built-in thesaurus; (9) insert the date; and (10) move entire paragraphs. Some of this I knew and some is new to me; maybe it will be new to you too.

The author also recommends changing the auto recovery procedure from its default 10 minute backup time frame to a more manageable period, like 1 minute, as well as alter the default location for recovered documents to one that is easier to find. All good, practical advice for those using Word!

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