Music & Law: The Final Frontier

If you could actually hear me right now, you would be hearing “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,…” etc. This has the be the ultimate marriage of law and music. I must have been living under some kind of boulder, but apparently, in this age of extreme specialization, there actually is something known as “The LawTunes” – legal humor lawyer gift music CDs by and for lawyers.  Lawtunes With the tagline “musical scales of justice”, this unique musical group (or should I say “firm”), has produced such gems as “(She’s an) Electronic Discovery”, “Little Bluebook”, “Another Billable Christmas” and “Rainmaker Reindeer.”  You will be treated to clips of these songs when you enter the site. I still can’t believe I heard the word “certiorari” in a song and probably never will again. There are four CDs available, which can be had for a bargain price when you buy all four. The latest is the pictured album “Live At Blackacre.” The band members are listed as follows, but I think these are stage names:

Micah (“Courthouse Steps”) Jagger – Plaintiff’s Counsel, Oral Argument, Strutting Around, Shirt Removal, Lead Vocals

Nicholas (“Prosser on”) Tortolli – In-House Counsel, Bass, Alto Fax, Photocopier, Invoice Review, Vocals

Maxwell (“Max”) Billings – External Defense Counsel, Drafting, Electric Guitar, Electronic Discovery, Wardrobe, Vocals

Smash (“Bones”) Drummond – Prosecutor’s Office, Drums/Percussion and Other Auditory Damage, Cellphone, Vocals

Malcolm (“Mal”) Practisse – Solo Practitioner, Keyboards, Shredder, Excuses, Professional Liability Insurance, Vocals

My hat is off to Larry Savell and The Lawtunes for embarking on such an artistically intellectual and uniquely melodic course! This is must-see web-surfing at its finest! My work here is done.


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