Get Smart – Legal Podcasts & Downloads

Robert Ambrogi, from the neighboring town of Rockport, never ceases to deliver substantive and helpful information from the legal tech realm. An area in which he has infinitely more experience than me is legal podcasting. He originally compiled a list of his top ten favorites in 2005 and revisits the list in the Legal Technology column at today. Five of his original ten have disappeared, but new podcasts have sprung up to fill the void. His current crop of recommendations include : Legal Talk Network; Podcasts at Hamline University School of Law; ABA Podcasts (including Law Technology Now, ABA CLE Podcast, ABA Book Briefs Podcast and The Digital Edge: Lawyers & Technology); University of Chicago Law School Podcast; Law and Disorder; Out-Law; This Week in Law; Hearsay Culture; International Dispute Negotiation; and, the New Jersey Law Blog.

I found another interesting, related resource / recommendation over at the Legal History Blog posted by Dan Ernst called We Browse iTunes So You Don’t Have To. The article lists some interesting free, legal history related downloads, essentially one-off lectures, available through iTunes. Check the link and the topics to see if any peak your interest. The titles “Inventing Human Rights” and “Suppressing the African Slave Trade: The Limits of Legislation, 1794 – 1865” caught my eye.

What is a podcast, you ask? According to, “[a] podcast is an MP3 or other audio file delivered off a Web site via an RSS feed.” It is a merge of the words “iPod” and “broadcast,” a nod to the popular MP-3 player that helped birth the podcasting phenomenon. Because it is RSS, you can subscribe to the podcast feed and have new content downloaded to your player (or desktop) as it is created. Podcasting is a great way to receive information when your hands and eyes are busy elsewhere. Why read when you can listen? When you find yourself bored with the latest Nelly single, pop in some of these great legal podcasting and download recommendations, and Get Smart!