Yes, Master – Proper Blue Book Form for Westlaw

GenieIt is becoming clear to me that I really need to switch to Firefox. If I were to switch, I would then be able to take advantage of CiteGenie – a Firefox extension that converts Westlaw citations to proper Blue Book format. Marc Hershovitz reports on the tool at Taken from CiteGenie’s website:

When CiteGenie is installed, it adds a new option to the browser’s right-click menu to “Copy with CiteGenie.”  To use CiteGenie, simply highlight the text in the court opinion, right-click and select the “Copy with CiteGenie” option (or just press Ctrl-Shift-C).  Then you can paste the text into any other program, such as your word processor, and the text will be pasted, along with the pinpoint citation for the selected text from the court opinion.

CiteGenie can format in Bluebook, MLA, APA, Chicago and Wikipedia forms. While it currently works with Firefox, the “genie”-uses are now developing a version for Internet Explorer 6. Way to go!

One comment on “Yes, Master – Proper Blue Book Form for Westlaw

  1. Please… switch to Firefox!

    Seriously, while an IE version of CiteGenie is in development, it is likely several months off and will always lack some of the features of the Firefox version, simply because there is no way to (safely) implement some of the features in IE. New features will always come first in the Firefox version, and take time to be ported to the IE version (assuming the feature can be ported at all).

    I’ve also found that, particularly with large web pages, the IE version runs noticably slower, due to inefficiencies in IE’s javascript implementation and DOM element parsing.

    The CiteGenie

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