Want To Learn About Social Media Marketing But Afraid To Ask? (Not Just For Lawyers)

HubSpotI know a little about social media marketing. Probably just enough to get myself in trouble. If you are completely new to this concept or, if you are are more like me and want to avoid missing something important, I highly recommend a trip over to HubSpot.com. Besides feeling the love for the little animated hub splotch graphic logo, I availed myself of a great wealth of free information, including a Social Media Marketing Kit with video and eBook, Social Media webinar affording a nice overview of many different web tools for increasing exposure for your business, blog or product and a Website Grader that analyzes your site and traffic and compares your site to other comparable sites. I won’t tell you what my homegrown site’s grade was, but I will tell you that I got many great suggestions about how to improve it. The information is not limited to social media marketing – you can learn more about using Twitter for marketing, blogging for business, Search Engine Optimization and other very interesting stuff. HubSpot also hosts an internet marketing blog, HubSpot TV and other resources such as a free internet marketing kit. I won’t lie: HubSpot wants to sell you its Inbound Internet Marketing System. But, if their free information is any indication, I am guessing there is some value in their pay product as well. Two digital thumbs up on the Advocates Studio value, cost and utility scale!

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