iPhone for Lawyers

I am due for a phone upgrade. Although I am a die-hard Treo fan, I must admit that I have been having impure thoughts. Yes, it is true, I have been secretly longing for a 3G iPhone. But, my practical side screams “It is merely a toy! It has no business acumen! It is a shiny, slick, touchable strip of tech that is more grasshopper than ant!”

Thank you, Neil Squillante, over at TechnoLawyer blog for posting this great article on the iPhone for Lawyers. Neil admits that he has never used a Blackberry or Treo, so he is at a disadvantage if pressed to compare units. He rates the phone itself highly – pointing to the visual voicemail and favorites features. Neil also cites with favor the email’s ability to show HTML versions, which can be set automatically, but bemoans the lack of “resend” or “BCC” functions. Word, PDF and image attachments can be viewed.

Neil does note that the Safari web browser has a tendency to crash in his model “7” phone. While there are plenty of bundled apps, there currently appear to be no legal specific apps available. However, any web-based app should be operable. Neil refers to a time & billing program that may become available:

In an article entitled, Legal Startup Has its Eye on the iPhone Bandwagon, the Houston Chronicle recently covered Advologix, an iPhone-compatible Web application that handles case management, time-billing, online marketing, and more.

The iPhone syncronizes through iTunes, a fact I learned yesterday while I was playing around on the ATT website finding out about the toy. Neil also reports battery life of over a day with heavy web surfing and iTunes use.

Not a bad review at all! My dreams are still alive. Oh, and nice pictures, Neil!

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