How To Look More Scholarly In One Easy Step

docstocAre you wondering how to dress up your website or profile with professional written material and you don’t have AdvantageAdvocates’ phone number handy? I suggest trying out .docstoc. Jason Nazar’s web-based company provides a repository for professional documents shared by .docstoc users. The documents are available for free upload. Users also can store their own documents on-line for easy access. Once you create a profile you can download any document for, my favorite price, FREE. Publicly available docs are just that: publicly available to .docstoc users. But users who upload documents also can mark them private for controlled distribution to a specific audience. The document categories running along the header include: legal; business; financial; technology; educational; creative; and, one that I haven’t quite gotten a handle on named “BUZZ.” There are also subcategories that appear to mirror current events of public interest. The site is nicely set-up, well organized and quite easy to use.

If you are interested in using a .docstoc article to dress up your own site, there is an embed function, the rationale being that embedded docs prevent unnecessary downloading and user attrition, while increasing web traffic via search engine indexing. The site provides easy step-by-step instructions, with pictures.

There is a lot to choose from.  The legal category shows 34,988 pages. There undoubtedly is something within those pages that might be of assistance. Thanks, Jason, for filling a useful “do-it-yourself” niche!