Too Much News, Too Little Time

Do you have this problem: lots of paper and on-line news coming in at an increasingly rapid rate; RSS overload; and, not nearly enough time. For lawyers, time is definitely money. With all the flap these days about value billing, death of the billable hour and cost cutting, making the most of what little time is available is high on everyone’s priority list.

Of course, there is a technological answer for every problem these days (or so it seems). There is one for this  problem as well and it is called “Spreed.” According to the site, Spreed is an R & D company that is “determined to prove that digital reading can be and is more efficient than traditional forms of paper and ink based content consumption.”

Using principals of cognitive psychology known as “eye science,” Spreed has developed algorithms that combine grammar, syntax and personal reading pattern considerations. Spreed has developed its “Spreed Reader” using the algorithm to assist readers in increasing their speed and comprehension.

The reader is free. It converts articles from your subscription news feeds into short phrases containing the substance of the article. You can adjust the speed up to 1,500 wpm, which is pretty darn fast. The interface contains links for posting to Facebook or Twitter, as well as a link to supply feedback. There is also an app for iPhone so you can take your speed reading on the go and satisfy your multi-tasking self as well!

Given the amount of on-line reading I do these days, Spreed might come in very handy for me. Perhaps it could come in handy for you too!

One comment on “Too Much News, Too Little Time

  1. Thanks for the post! We really appreciate all the feedback and exposure that we can get. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be releasing Spreed:Docs next week. This new product will allow you to upload your own documents are parse them through the same speed reader. If you have too much news, use spreed:news, if you have too many documents to read over a given period of time, use Spreed:docs. Thanks again for the great post!

    Spreed Inc.

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