Look Ma – A New Way to Glom Onto $$ – Twitter squatting | NetworkWorld.com Community

Everyone recalls the practice of reserving popular domain names in the hopes of getting a big payout from the rightful owners. That is so 1999. Today’s cybersquatters are lurking over at Twitter and are snagging IDs in the hopes of grabbing the greenbacks. It’s real – Network World author Richard Stienon searched Twitter for single letter IDs that appear to be “placeholders.” He also noted that all the big names, like Crisco, Coke, Pepsi, Nike and Chevrolet, are taken. By all accounts, Twitter is big and getting bigger, making it increasingly attractive bait for one of the big players, like Google. Stienon urges readers to head over to Twitter and reserve your ID and brand name now before someone else beats you to it. While there, check out some popular names and see if you can’t cash in yourself.

Twitter squatting | NetworkWorld.com Community


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