Feed Me! Google Alerts Not Just For Email Anymore

As I have been opening the valve on incoming web information, I have been spending more and more time Google Alerts reading my RSS feeds and less and less time reading my email. I find it easier to scan the information in the Newsgator FeedDemon interface than the view mode in Outlook. I had activated Google Alerts for both my blog and business a few weeks ago; sometimes I open those emails and sometimes I don’t. Information certainly cannot work for you if you don’t actually interact with it.

So I was quite pleased to find out this morning that I can now get my Google Alerts by RSS feed. According to Google’s official blog, you can select RSS delivery by going into the “Manage Your Alerts” page. 

Sure this means you can increase the speed of your “vanity” Googling. But it also serves a legitimate business purpose to utilize Alerts to find out what people are saying about your business and your work product on the web. Google Alerts by RSS? Power up!

Official Google Blog: Feed me! Google Alerts not just for email anymore

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