Copyscape – Website Plagiarism Search – Web Site Content Copyright Protection

On a note related to Google Alerts, I stumbled upon this site,, an on-line search service which searches for copies of your content, web pages, blogs, URLs, etc. to assist efforts to police plagiarism. When you enter your URL, Copyscape searches for webpages that contain part or all of the content on your page. Basic search service is free. You also can use a free Copyscape banner on your website to announce that you are protected and warn would-be plagiarists. For $4.95 per month, you can purchase the CopySentry service that automatically monitors the web for copies of your pages, emailing them to you when they appear. Copyscape Premium permits professional grade searching of on-line content, as well as a “copy and paste” search for off-line content utilizing your on-line content, at 5 cents per search.

If you are serious about your intellectual property and are interested in protecting your content, Copyscape can take you far. Plagiarists beware!

Copyscape – Website Plagiarism Search – Web Site Content Copyright Protection