More Innovation. Less Bulk.

For those large firms fresh out of new ideas, I heartily recommend this excellent post by Carolyn Elefant, solo and small law firm coach, at her excellent blog, Carolyn talks about how solos and small firms are often found at the cutting edge of legal innovation, providing the rabbit to “BigLaw’s” greyhound. Carolyn explains why solos and small firms are “built for success” when it comes to fostering creativity in the practice.  Carolyn also describes the novel concepts and quality resources made available to solo and small firms by other individual practitioners, such as Tom Goldstein, Enricho Schaeffer, Stephanie Kimbro and Susan Cartier Liebel. This “guild of legal creativity” offers the catalyst to the success in staying ahead and imparting maximum value to clients. These clients could include BigLaw firms looking to outsource work in difficult economic times. Here’s some innovation for those firms: instead of China and India, look locally at the option that will provide the most cutting-edge bang for the buck!

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