Newspapers Without The Papers

It is somewhat difficult to comprehend that the mandatory must-read paper for my college political science courses is now losing the paper. Lifehacker reports that The Christian Science Monitor is abandoning its daily paper and print editions to focus entirely on its digital version. The blog’s author, Matt Mattila, concedes that “free” is good, but waxes about the obvious losses that accompany this change – portability, the need for wi-fi or cell, the need for battery power. How about the crinkle of the newsprint surrounding you on the train or coffee shop? How about being able to pick up the discarded International or comics section left behind by the traveler before you? While tangibility can be retained to a certain degree through the use of readers or e-paper, differences in processing of on-line and print information likely will alter how we interact with the world around us. As if that hasn’t already happened.

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