Ready To Turn Away From Vista?

Are you a Vista-hater, on the foothills of the Windows 7 curve? Microsoft debuted its new operating system last week Wednesday, anticipating the next stage of release in early 2009. For those who complain about Vista’s bugginess, never fear – improvements are coming. Michael Calore over at Monkey Bites reports that behind the scenes improvements and gap fillers abound in the new system.

Some of the reported features include reduction in security permission boxes, a new Windows task bar, context-sensitive menus known as “jump lists”, improvements to the “Aero” user interface, unified suggested search, fewer pop-ups, homegroups for networks, and a new improved “device stage” for device management. I sure hope this latter feature improves on the old device manager.

Hit the jump over to Monkey Bites for greater explanations and screen shots.

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