The Business Card – 21st Century Style

Do you blog?  Do you have a web site? Are you a member or user in multiple social media, file sharing, bookmarking and other interactive sites? Would you like to collapse all of this web content onto a single “card” that displays information and active links more effectively than the traditional paper card? Many thinks to Susan Cartier Liebel (check out her blog here) for turning me on to retaggr, a web “profile card” that permits you to automatically display relevant information on sites that are retaggr-enabled.  According to the site, you can include your name, bio, links to your websites and widgets including recent blog posts, recent tweets from twitter, photos and communication information for MSN/Gtalk/Skype and more. On retaggr-enabled sites, the profile card is left automatically when you comment. You also can embed the card into your web page or include it in your email signature.

Coming soon: my retaggr profile in the sidebar

A pretty nifty way to collect and share vital information in one place!

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