LinkedIn 411

Social networking can be a tad overwhelming for the uninitiated or freshly initiated. has published an article containing tips for legal professionals looking to maximize their on-line presence on this professional networking juggernaut. The author suggests treating your on-line profile with the same care you would employ in preparing your resume. Unlike a resume, however, you must be mindful of drafting the profile to attract keyword searchers and ensure your profile can be easily found. The author also suggests getting recommendations added to the profile, thereby compacting the job application process into a one-stop shopping experience. Then it is time to build your network and search out other Linkedin users or invite your colleagues to join LinkedIn and connect with you. You then can increase your exposure by answering questions posted in the Legal section of the site. Finally, it is important to stay in touch with your network by joining LinkedIn groups, seeking opportunities to meet LinkedIn network contacts when in their neighborhood and keeping your network advised of news by email and filling out the status box on your profile. .

There are plenty of other great tips in the article, which serves as a nice primer for lawyers looking to get LinkedIn!

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