Featured Windows Download: GreatNews RSS Reader Takes Your Bloglines Subscriptions Offline

A Windows-only free download, GreatNews is a blog reader that permits you to read your news off-line in a two column format similar to a newspaper. It can synchronize with Bloglines and has lots of other nifty features. Check it out and thank Lifehacker while you are at it!

Featured Windows Download: GreatNews RSS Reader Takes Your Bloglines Subscriptions Offline


More Great On-Line Legal Resources

Robert Ambrogi has authored a great article over at Law.com listing and describing a number of new legal web sites providing a variety of information for legal practitioners. The sites include LexisWeb (a targeted legal search engine), which I previously mentioned here, eLawExchange (an e-discovery web site), LitiReviews (review of legal and litigation software and technology), Global Legal Monitor (international legal news), Codes.gov (many state and municipal safety codes) and USPTO Examiners (site about examiners and attorneys).

Thanks, Bob, for making the quest for information that much easier!

Legal Writing – Video Snippets

Back in May, I had the pleasure of attending one of Bryan Garner’s legal writing seminars here in Boston. One of my favorite aspects of the seminar (and there were many) was his periodic use of video clips of interviews with judges about their personal takes on legal writing throughout the day. Mr. Garner has collected some of these clips on his LawProse, Inc. website. There are many to choose from and they are definitely worth a peek if you are interested in legal writing, judges or both.

Thanks Jim Calloway over at Law Practice Tips blog for this great heads-up!