Does Your Home Office Have Sick Office Syndrome?

recycleNever fear! Trot on over to TreeHugger and get the 411 on how to green your home office. After making the point that working from home is better than not working from home, author Lloyd Alter provides tips on how to keep the feng shui flowing in a positive direction. Alter recommends starting with a space that has light and fresh air (o.k. already behind the 8-ball on this one with an office in my windowless basement). Then Alter cautions the reader to keep toxins out of the office by avoiding particle board furniture (oops) that releases formaldehyde, buy EPEAT certified electronics, install a plant (not in my windowless basement office), and use an air filter, green cleaning supplies and green office supplies. Alter also suggests buying used (read “recycled”) furniture for your office or green-built fittings, as well as an ergonomic chair. Then, Alter provides input on how to go paperless and save a few trees, even when you are not playing “L’il Green Patch” on Facebook. The article incorporates links to deeper information on related topics and concludes with some nice photos of green home offices around the world for inspiration.

If you want more, check out their article and links on going green with your gadgets. Then sit back in that ergonomic chair and feel good about yourself.


I Feel So Useless

If Wired Magazine is to be believed, I am obsolete. Or, rather, much of my equipment is. Charlie Sorrel lists “five useless gadgets you should toss in the trash right now.” The list includes printers, scanners, built-in optical drives, fax machines and land line phones. How many of you have some or all of these gadgets lying around your home or office? Do you use them? Regularly?  Mr. Sorrel has a reason why each of these items is unnecessary. While that is all well and good for Mr. Sorrel, can anyone help me with my dilemma and explain how you can fax a paper document without either a scanner or a fax machine?

The Power of Twitter to (Inadvertently) Break News

Watch what you tweet, or you could be breaking news. According to Wired Magazine‘s blog, one of Twitter’s venture capitalists tweeted about a meeting with company that has an executive titled “Chief Openness Officer.” Seems that there is only one company with such a position, and it is an open source textbook company called Flat World Knowledge. Why were Twitter and Flat World Knowledge meeting? Who knows. But now every knows they were meeting. Wonder if that was the intent.