Need Your Eyes for Something Else?

Orlie Yakuel over at Go2Web2.0 reports on a nifty little application called iSpeech, which permits reading with ones ears. The player converts text to audio and, according to Yakuel, can convert favorite websites, RSS, blogs and documents to speech with a PC or mobile device, which, in turn, can be downloaded as MP-3 to your iPod. The site promises that you can effectively listen to any text source that you previously read, but it is still in development and not all links are working. You can go to the site and enter text in a demo box, which I just used to order my husband to leave and get our Thai take out. iSpeech promises to be an interesting tool for multi-tasking at those time when the eyes need to be busy elsewhere. I am going to keep my eyes, I mean, my ears open to news of this application going live.


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