Your Own Personal Writing Cattle Prod

Ever have writer’s block the night before you need to get that 10 page reply brief to the courthouse? Are you struggling with your NaNoWriMo masterpiece? Have I got the “shot in the arm” for you!

Lifehacker broke this little webapp that provides the perfect impetus for writing. Called “Write or Die“, the box provides space for text entry, settings for word length and writing time and “reminder” levels for when you slow down or stray. The latter includes settings for “gentle”, “normal”, “kamikaze” and “electric shock.” And the app makes it hard to lose your punishment-induced work: when you try to close the window, the app asks whether you want to save your text to your clipboard.

The box looks like this:


Now, GET WRITING!!!!!!!

2 comments on “Your Own Personal Writing Cattle Prod

  1. Thanks for posting this app, Martha. I have to share this with my writers group – if I can remember that I’ve bookmarked it by the time of the next meeting. Is there a memory prod available?

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