Attention All Blackberry Users: TwitterBerry Review

I have a Blackberry Curve. You might know that. What you do not know is that I do not “twitter” on my Blackberry. I use TinyTwitter on my WinMo Treo 750. So, in an effort to avoid the appearance of expertise with respect to software that I do not routinely use or have never played with, I will turn you over to Darren Rowse and @cjharley (twitter handle) at TwiTip for a review of the TwitterBerry application. In a nutshell, Twitterberry affords a nicer interface for tweeting on your Blackberry while on-the-go than the mobile Twitter page. Twitter would make a lovely accessory for that nice Bold (now out on ATT) or that spankin’ Storm (soon to be out on Verizon). For more info, hit the TwiTip link above!

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