Treo Pro Lives Up To Its Name

My Treo 750 must be sensing an impending change and has been acting up considerably. I still have questions about which phone should serve as its replacement, given my attachment to ATT. There is the iPhone 3g and the Blackberry Bold. But there is also the Treo Pro, the current top-o-the-line Win-Mo offering from Palm.

Treo Pro

Reviewers are liking this phone with good reason. Treonauts reports on PC Magazine’s article comparing unlocked phones and giving good marks to this beauty. Futurelawyer, a confirmed Palm fan, shares the excitement. Taken from the Treonauts summary:

Palm’s newest enterprise-centric Windows Mobile handset packs loads of functionality into a fairly compact design. The Pro can sync with up to eight e-mail accounts and comes loaded with a full copy of Microsoft Mobile Office. Add that to support for Wi-Fi, HSDPA 3.6, and GPS with turn-by-turn directions, and its appeal becomes clear. It does tend to be sluggish at times, though, and it has the same cramped keyboard as its Centro siblings.

I have no problem with the keyboard, which gives plenty of tactile feedback, although I concede I have moderate sized, dexterous fingers from years of guitar playing.

The upside for unlocked phones is that you are not limited to a particular carrier. The down side is the increased, non-subsidized price you pay for this freedom. The Treo Pro lists for $549, but you can score one for $449 through the Treonauts store.

If you are willing to pay the price for freedom, this model is a nice option for the mobile lawyer.

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