Where Home Meets Office

Perhaps the greatest benefit to working from home is having complete control over your environment, right down to choosing office attire that compliments your bunny slippers. Last week I talked about greening the home office. This week, after seeing contract lawyer / legal writer extraordinaire Lisa Solomon’s treadmill desk (you gotta see it),  I am inspired to talk about “comfort-modding” your home office.

Thanks to Gizmodo, and a few other sites,I have a list of suggestions to help the home office warrior achieve maximum work-related comfort in the home environment. Granted, these suggestions are grouped around the concept of combining “bathroom” and “office.” Nonetheless, I believe the components may be used in other areas of the home to improve the work experience.

First, the Boom Arm Starbase workstation, which includes a swing arm for your laptop and built in cupholder:


Next, the Loo Read (no relation to the Velvet Underground front man), a fold-away flat surface that can hover over your toilet or any seating area:


Next, any office worth its salt(water) has appropriate environmental accoutrements to improve aesthetics and moral. Never mind that ficus tree – consider the Fish n’ Flush, which forks over half of its tank to serve as a fishbowl:


Or you could “sink” your fishbowl in the sink, with the Moody Aquarium Sink:


If your office and your water sources are close together, such as in, say, a bathroom, you could consider a Marine monitor, compliments of this MarineAV 70 inch lcd tv:


Or, you could just sink that monitor into your mirror with the “ARCO” PC/TV/LCD:


Sometimes you need to jot down notes in unlikely places, such as in the shower. Never fear, you can take down that number with the Shower Note Tablet:


And you can dial that number with the Sonim XP1 waterproof cell phone:


If you need overall design ideas, here is one toilet-based office space to get you started:

image And here is another, for the greener set:

image This one includes, among other items, an Xbox 360, 20-inch LCD TV, laptop, TiVo, refrigerator with beer tap, bike pedal exerciser. Wonder if the toilet composts.

If you are really REALLY into monitors, check this one out (Stefan Didak’s desk:


Because YOU are your own boss, design professional, interior decorator, IT department, janitorial staff and office manager, YOU get to set your office up any way you want. Feel free to link in the comments to your own home office set up and share your ideas.

2 comments on “Where Home Meets Office

  1. The photo of the toilet seat that looks like it has a recliner back is going to give me nightmares. Really. Periodically, when I’m sleeping and my bladder is full, I dream that I need to use the bathroom, but can’t find an appropriate place to go. Either I find a filthy bathroom, or one without privacy, or the toilet looks like furniture that shouldn’t be used as a toilet. And that’s probably too much information, isn’t it?

  2. No, no, no! There is no such thing as “too much information”. It is strange to think about combining one’s office with one’s toilet, but apparently it is an idea that is well received in some circles.

    I hope I didn’t give you nightmares!

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