iPhone Envy? Visual Voicemail and Transcription for the Apple-Impaired

Yes, its the iPhone again. One of its features that gets me excited is visual voicemail. Of course, you can get this great feature without having to shell out hundreds to ATT. Visual voicemail affords a visual interface that allows users to view audio voicemail messages by text list or to read transcriptions of the voicemail. I know that I often let voicemails linger as I don’t always want to take the time to access, listen and then listen again while I write down everything I missed the first time. So, visual voicemail is a winner feature for me.

Ken Purdy at Lifehacker reports on free visual voicemail services and paid transcription services. Purdy focuses on YouMail and MessageSling and includes lots of great screen shots of what your visual voicemail and transcription will look like with these services.

There are otherS offering similar services on the Web. From Wikipedia, these include:

Callwave Multi-Carrier Voicemail Desktop integration (No longer free version as of 9/16/2008)
GotVoice Provider of Voicemail to Text and Voicemail to Email services
Onebox Provider of Voicemail to Text, Voicemail to Email, & UM services
PhoneTag Provider of Voicemail to E-Mail services (formerly called Simulscribe)
Silent Communication Visual Voicemail Client for handset
Taridium – vendor of Unified Voicemail solutions for the enterprise
VoiceCloud Human transcribed Voice to Text services

If you are like me and like to read your information rather than hear it, check out these great apps! If anyone has a favorite, I would love to know.


2 comments on “iPhone Envy? Visual Voicemail and Transcription for the Apple-Impaired

  1. Voice Cloud is my favorite. I’ve been using them since they launched and haven’t listened to a voicemail in months. I’m a realtor and one of the cool features is being able to share the voicemail messages from home buyers with my sellers. When it comes in, I can email it right away from my blackberry.

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