You Can Tweet …. or You Can Tumbl-r

Twitter is so … 2007. If you need to be on the crest of the next great on-line social net, maybe Tumblr is your answer. Tumblr is another blogging site that is slightly less “micro” than Twitter. While it is missing some of the extra extras that traditional blogging sites offer, it does allow easy customization and the ability to share all sorts of media, such as video, links, photos, music and other recordings. Like Twitter, Tumblr is free. Unlike Twitter, you are not limited to 140 characters per post. Tumblr, with its easy sign-up and interface, seems a great option for those interested in beginning blogging. Try it out today!


3 comments on “You Can Tweet …. or You Can Tumbl-r

  1. I think the opposite is true. Tumblr has been around for a bit, and was the quicker and easier version of sites like Blogger or even WordPress. Micro blogging is the newest kid on the block. Well, besides 12seconds, which is micro-vlogging?

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