A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words

Need more reason to believe in the power of Twitter to propel your professional pursuits? Don’t just take it from me, head on over to Practicing Law in the 21st Century and veteran expert lawyer and legal writer Nicole Black for a short video on the why of it. While you are over there, check out her great video explanation of Gen Y, The Recession and Obama – Changing the Legal Landscape and that lawyers will need to evolve to meet these new media opportunities and challenges.

Great job, Nicole, in bringing home these crucial points in a personal way!


Texas On The Cutting Edge Of Legal Social Networking

The Society for New Communications Research has just awarded the State Bar of Texas with a 2008 Excellence in New Communications Award. The on-line social and professional network is the first of its kind among bar associations. The awards program seeks to recognize organizations that are pushing forward by utilizing “social media, ICT, mobile media, online communities, virtual worlds, and collaborative technologies in the areas of media, marketing, public relations, advertising, entertainment, education, politics and social initiatives.” Why is the State Bar of Texas using this platform? Well, for all the same reasons we all are using such sites! Reconnecting with old colleagues and classmates, pursuing business networking and sharing knowledge are some of the obvious perks.

Congratulations to the State Bar of Texas for leading the way in helping lawyers to connect in ways they never before dreamed of!

Smarten Up!

Looking to expand your intellectual repertoire in law and other topics? Marcelino 2.0 has a list of 100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter. A couple of legal entries, such as Lessig, Concurring Opinions, The Becker-Posner Blog, Georgetown Law Faculty Blog, and Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog, caught my eye, but there are lots of other suggestions in topical areas ranging all over the map. There are selections in Politics, News, Higher Education, Technology, Sports, International Perspective, Art, Literature, Science and Do-It-Yourself. Whether you agree with the title or not, it is always nice to add some resources to your personal library and increase your knowledge base.

A Legal Reason To Buy A Kindle

I am always looking for good support to purchase one of these e-readers for business purposes. Here is one: A West treatise on Business Law. Called Business Law Today: The Essentials : Text & Summarized Cases–Legal, Ethical, Regulatory, and International Environment, the summary of content is as follows:

Product Description
This is a 22-chapter abbreviated version of Business Law Today: Text Summarized Cases Legal Ethical Regulatory and International Environment 4th offers summarized cases. Many features focus on the global political ethical social environmental and cultural context of business law. Two new features emphasize technology and the Internet. Key content changes include the integration of material on lease contracts and Article 2A throughout all sales chapters as well as the revision of negotiable instruments material to reflect law based on Revised Articles 3 and 4.

It is awesome to see this type of content on the cutting edge reader. Still waiting for Couch on Insurance, though.