Axiom Is Practicing Law In The Modern Age

Interesting article over at CNN / Fortune about Axiom, a corporation that “practices law” via lawyers connected only by the internet. The New York-based company has a main office in San Francisco, but it is sparse and attorney-free. The company does have more than 200 attorney-employees, located throughout the United States and in London that labor in their own homes or at their clients’ sites. Their website serves to introduce clients to their services, as well as connect their attorneys in a social networking kind of way – affording them the opportunity to interact on-line rather than at the water cooler. What is the hook? Well, try legal fees at 50% of the cost of more traditional firms that expensively house their attorneys in firm offices. Axiom’s mode of doing business resonates with today’s high tech corporation that have adopted similar working arrangements, with employees spread far and wide connected only by laptop and smartphone. How is it working? Check this quote from the article:

Both attorneys and clients seem to be happy with the way it’s working out so far. The proof is that even in this dismal economy, Axiom, which claims to be profitable, continues to grow revenue at about 40% to 50% annually – 2008 revenue is about $60 million.

Call it a win-win situation for the firm paring costs, the client receiving top notch service at half the price and the attorneys controlling their work environment and quality of life.

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