More Foreign Legal Resources

Law Librarian Blog has some more foreign legal imageresources to add to your free and accessible legal information tool kit. The list includes: tracing EU working documents; an introduction to Thailand’s legal system and legal  research; the Lebanese legal system and research; a research guide for Scottish legal history; online research resources for the Australian legal system; legal research and overview of the Egyptian legal system; Finnish law; laws and web resources for the Republic of Kazakhstan; a Norway legal research guide; a Turkmenistan legal research guide; and, even an update of the U.S. federal system guide to accessible web resources. Hit the jump above for more descriptions of these resources and applicable links.

What Can FaceBook Connect Do For You?

Sure, it sounds cool and all, but what is this FaceBook Connect and what can it really do for me? Check out the nifty slideshow from Shivsingh called Portable Social Graphs – Imagining Their Potential for an easy to digest overview: