Winter Hats Off To Librarian Chick

I stumbled this morning onto this great Wiki created by Stacy Reed, a/k/a Librarian Chick. Reed has collected on her site links to the best of the Internet’s free resources for “those with big brains and small image pocketbooks.” There is a directory along the left side of the page to help you navigate through the hundreds of resources. She also has two search links at the top for free books and free educational information, sites, games and software. I cannot come close to scratching the surface of the information she has collected, but I do include a few highlights here, such as:

  • Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts – About 14,000 classic public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy
  • Abacci eBooks – Free eBooks of the world’s great classics formatted for Microsoft Reader
  • Intelligentedu – Free computer training, education and tutorial resources
  • Optimize Guides – Free, comprehensive guides for the Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems
  • Berklee Shares – Free music lessons that you can download and share
  • Figure Drawing Ebooks – A library of free rare and valuable figure drawing books in PDF format
  • AllWords– Dictionary that allows you to search for words containing certain letters, words ending with and words starting with
  • Dictionarist – A talking dictionary which can provide translations with pronunciation and sound in over a dozen languages
  • Create A Graph – Quickly create graphs and charts
  • Empressr – Create, share and store Flash-based presentations online
  • American Rhetoric – Top 100 speeches of the 20th century by rank
  • MIT World – A vast video archive of lectures
  • Librarian Chick has entire sections devoted to writing assistance and research. There is a sizeable amount of information about computers, programming and the web. Although there are no law-specific links, there is so much rich content on this site of general utility that I heartily recommend a trip for your free educational enrichment. Consider Librarian Chick as a first stop on your journey of web exploration.

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