Moving Day for Advocate’s Studio

In keeping with efforts to keep up with all the best practices in Web 2.0, I am moving Advocate’s Studio intoimage Feedburner. The Feedburner feed is now active, and I will be changing over the RSS feed settings on WordPress. I will change that over just after Christmas and I sincerely hope that you note the change and re-subscribe to this feed. You can’t beat the subscription price! And you wouldn’t want to miss any news or musings on Law, Research, Writing and Technology in 2009, now would you? Caution: rhetorical question!

Actually, I do believe that the old feed will continue to work, but I would love to be able to “see” you in Feedburner! All you will need to do is re-subscribe to the feed in whatever reader service you use.

All the best for an enjoyable Holiday Season and warm wishes for the coming year. May it be our best year yet!


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