If Information Exists On The Internet That Doesn’t Show Up In A Google Search, Is It Really There?

Have you been relying on Google as the beginning and ending points of your on-line search endeavors based on your belief that if Google doesn’t have it, it can’t be worth finding?

Stop the presses: there is good information lurking deep in the recesses of the World Wide Web invisible to the naked Google search. This Invisible Web or Deep Web contains information that traditional search engines find difficult to locate or identify. These hidden files, containing extensions for PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, XLSs and many others, do not attract the traditional spiders and are lost below the depths.

Marcus P. Zillman has taken it upon himself to write a handy overview of techniques for searching this Deep Web, including corporate information beyond normal search techniques. The article is called Deep Web Research 2009 and is found at LLRX. He divides the article by types of information, including:

  • Articles, Papers, Forums, Audios and Videos
  • Cross Database Articles
  • Cross Database Search Services
  • Cross Database Search Tools
  • Peer to Peer, File Sharing, Grid/Matrix Search Engines
  • Presentations
  • Resources – Deep Web Research
  • Resources – Semantic Web Research
  • Bot Research Resources and Sites
  • Subject Tracer Information Blogs

Under these headings, Zillman includes many articles explaining the Deep Web and containing tips, information and resources for performing Deep Web research.

For all who wish to explore the very depths of the Web in Cousteau-ian fashion, strap on your aqualung and check out Mr. Zillman’s comprehensive resource list.


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