Testing The iPhone WordPress App

I am trying out something new and learning a fresh trick, I hope, because that is what we are all about at Advocate’s Studio. I am test-driving the WordPress application on my iPhone. Blogging on the fly seems so very future perfect. The upside is the ability to put "pen to paper", so to speak, whenever a brilliant thought occurs to me, rather than relying on my ever-expanding mental Filofax.

This free app is very simple, offering a view of the past several posts and the ability to add new posts with tags and categories and photos. Simple and elegant. I still need to go to the web to check my stats, but that "ain’t no big thing."

The only real downside to mobile WordPress blogging on the iPhone is a limitation inherent in the phone itself, rather than the app, and I bet you can guess what it is. Let’s just say Thank God and His Lovely Wife Estelle for a powerful predictive text function!

Over and out from my multi-tasking wonder in the parking lot of my friendly, neighborhood Indian restaurant (which could just as easily be the Motion Call at the Suffolk County Courthouse).

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