The Connected Law Student

Today is rife with blogs offering interesting points of view. If you are interested in hearing what law students have to say about the intersection of law and technology and social media, trot on over to Social Media Law Student, The blog is authored by Rex Gradeless, a third year law student at the St. Louis University School of Law. Rex seems right on target with his stated desire to advocate social media use by lawyers to build communities, share information, discuss and debate and encourage effective employment of technology in the court room.

Rex’s blog is tightly laid out. The current page shows articles on using Twitter to become a better legal writer, a judge’s allowance of the use of Twitter in the courtroom, how to ease your firm into the use of social media by employing Yammer, Law Pod for iPhone, and using Twitter to become a better legal writer.

Seasoned lawyers take note: modern law students raised entirely in the current digital age are more sensitive to the benefits of social media and savvy in its uses. Rex must be doing something right: he has more than 6,000 followers on Twitter! Maybe the student can teach the teacher.

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