Girding Facebook for Business

Just today, I was talking about how Facebook is not my favorite site for business networking, but that itappears to be working hard to change that impression. Lo and behold, my FeedDemon reader contained a handy article from Josh Peters over at Mashable! listing 30 Apps For Doing Business On Facebook. I use many of the applications featured, although I admit there is more than a little overlap in the thirty apps featured. Consequently, there may be ten or so truly distinct tools for business promotion. No matter, though, as there is nothing wrong with options when it comes to utilizing social media for marketing!

Peters breaks the apps into categories -  blog promotion; business / self-promotion; communication; networking; collaboration; audio / visual; and the ubiquitous miscellaneous bucket. Under blogs, you can find: Networked Blogs app; Notes (Default App); RSS Connect; and, Simplaris BlogCast.

Under business & self promotion, you can find: Define Me; GLPrint Business Cards; IEndorse; My BusinessBlinkWeb; Professional Profile; Posted Items (Default App); and, Testimonials.

For communication, there is: CalliFlower; Smart Phone; SmartMessage Center; Telephone; and, Voice Mail.

Networking apps are: Introductions; My LinkedIn Profile; SocialFly; Tag Biz Business Network; Workin’ It!; and, Xing. Facebook members can collaborate using: Huddle by WorkSpaces; and, My Office.

Audio / visual apps offer: Facebook Video (Default App); PodCast Player; and, SlideShare. Finally, miscellany includes: JD Supra Docs; Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group; My Money; Page Maps; and, Static FBML.

With a tool box like this, Facebook certainly might give LinkedIn a run for its money. Someone, somewhere, once said: “leave no stone unturned.” I might modify that to read: “leave no social networking outlet untouched by the imprint of your business and brand.” Facebook now gives you the where-with-all to do just that.