A Little Friendfeed Feedback, Please?

Since September, 2008, I have been using Twitter, the infamous micro-blogging platform where you “tweet” in 140 character bits amidst a torrent of parallel songbirds . I have been using Friendfeed, a social media aggregator, since November or December of 2008. I have noticed that many of my lawyer-Twitter follows also maintain profiles on Friendfeed. I have subscribed to those same people on Friendfeed, as well as a number of other tech-savvy people.

Friendfeed not only allows one to flow their status, content, blogs, bookmarks, and other media into Friendfeed, it also allows the user to easily post original content and, more importantly, rate and comment on others’ content. In contrast, while you can stream into Twitter, there is little ability to maintain a fluid conversation or organize by topic without cumbersome applications. Unlike Friendfeed which displays content, unless you use an application, content is only accessible via link.

I have been watching the trends and have noted that the legal eagles I follow on Friendfeed do not make much of an appearance there. Instead, Friendfeed seems to primarily serve as another warehouse for their Twitter feeds. I rarely see any comments on their content or any of their comments on other content. Their Friendfeeds seem to be a complete reflection of their twitter activity.

I am wondering what, if any, use the legal community is making out of Friendfeed. My opinion is that Friendfeed is a far better platform for information flow, collaboration, social connection and, dare I say it, marketing. Because you can easily “like” or “comment” on the content of others, you can really get a conversation going. I also appreciate the quality of the content I am seeing. I am getting great information from my tech community. I would love to see more legal-oriented content from Friendfeeders in the legal community.

So, if you are a lawyer or legal professional reading this blog and you are also a Friendfeed member, I would love to hear your comments on how you are currently using Friendfeed, how you would like to use Friendfeed or any negative comments you might have about Friendfeed. I find myself scratching my head as to why professionals pressed for time would opt for the less efficient mechanism for connection and information flow.

3 comments on “A Little Friendfeed Feedback, Please?

  1. Frankly, this is a good point. Friendfeed seems to basically be a place to link all of my web stuff in one place in hopes that folks will read it. However, if I’m not reading it, why should others? I need to figure out a better way to get this medium optimized for use.

  2. Friendfeed will totally blow Twitter out of the water but enhance it simultaneously when people integrate it into their sites/blogs/widgets/Tweets/iphones.Its just that people are following in a narrow stream of info tech and twitter has a wonderful litany of apps it gets so familiar easy etc.Still yet to go explore for themselves apply what they know to another service. People just havent realised what Friendfeed is will be when everyones on it!

    Friendfeed has multiple forum spaces called rooms, multiple search options,multiple applications for content management/creation/interaction.Plus Friendfeed is outrageously public amazing Google SEO etc etc.People might be realizing what a fishbowl it is. You get away with nada! There’s heaps I’ve yet to utilise…

  3. My thoughts precisely Ruth. I do believe it is lack of familiarity with FF and ease of use with Twitter. Chris’ comment above gets to that. I hope that some of my professional colleagues discover FF’s value and come over to enrich the content rather than use it merely as a “feeder.” Thanks for your insight!

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