Are You Looking At Me ??????

It’s getting harder and harder to hide these days. There are all sorts of resources out there to track down the untrackable. Have you had that quintessential Facebook experience of reconnecting with an elementary school classmate that you haven’t seen or spoken to in decades?

Sometimes, though, you need the big guns to find that elusive suspect. LifeHacker’s Hive Five this week includes the top five people trackers on the web in its article Five Best People Search Engines. The list includes Pipl, Google, Facebook, spock and 123people. Check out the jump to the article for a bit more detail on why these sites are in the top five.

With such powerhouses at your fingertips, you should be able to easily answer those perennial questions “Where’s Waldo?” and “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago?” without breaking a sweat.


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