Filttr – Filters Twitter Noise To Get You The Song

I have been trying to stay away from Twitter posts, really I have, in a sincere effort to cut down on the volumes that are being written and read about it. But I couldn’t resist reporting on this app “Filttr”, which filters content from your follows to provide you with items of greatest interest.

Applying a proprietary algorithm, Filttr analyzes account settings, your own timeline, and other information to determine what you really want to see. It then feeds that information back to you through either the Web or a desktop Adobe Air client, omitting material that Filttr determines you don’t need or want. These tweets are not “gone”, but merely hidden and easily recoverable with a click. It is designed to learn preferences through use, so the experience is improved over time.

How does this work in reality? I don’t know as I haven’t tried it. I tend to favor the web interface, jumping in and scanning what I can when I have the time. I don’t really like the idea of something else deciding what I want to read. But, the concept of organizing the torrential downpour is compelling. Furthermore, there are other features to the application, such as the ability to update and post, search timeline, create groups and view the threads, that make it worthwhile.

I would love to hear comments from any users of this application as to Filttr’s effectiveness. Hat tip to TechCrunch for the news.

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