LinkedIn? For Friends?

Much like dogs start to look like their owners and vice versa, the big social networking sites seem to be resembling each other more and more. Last week, I reported on a number of Facebook applications that promote or facilitate business. Today, I direct your attention to Bob Ambrogi’s article on his Lawsites blog about LinkedIn’s new feature “Connections.”

Connections will allow LinkedIn members to form groups within their contacts lists and offer the ability to direct communications to the group. You can designate a group of friends and family, or class mates or co-workers from a certain employer or friends from the various LinkedIn groups you belong to or contacts whose names begin with “W” or whatever you fancy. Facebook offers a similar feature, allowing you to group your friends, communicate with group members and adjust privacy settings by individual or group.

Methinks that LinkedIn definitely needs to juice up their site a bit so that it can compete with the juggernaut Facebook. Offering this type of organization might help. The features is in private beta only at this point, and I am not sure when it will be trotted out for public consumption. Whenever Connections is released, It won’t be too soon.

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