Metaphorical Databases – A Net Cast Upon The Waters of Rhetoric

There really is a search engine or database for just about anything. Metaphors are no exception. The Mind Is A Metaphor is one of the stops you should make on your quest for rich written product. The site is maintained by Brad Pasanek, an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia. The site is chock-full of information about metaphors, while the actual search page is located here.

A more stripped-down resource can be found at the ATT – Metaproject Databank. Taken from the site, “[t]he databank mainly contains real-discourse examples of metaphorical descriptions of mental states and processes. It also contains some examples of the use of metonymy in mental state descriptions.”

Just think, if you mine these great resources for phrases and elements, your briefs can conjure up Piozzi and Locke and give voice to thought with fiery tongue in the courtroom.

Hat tip, once again, to the Legal Writing Prof Blog.

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