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Highlighting another collection of writing resources here: the collected links at the jump concern style, grammar, definitions, copy editing, indexing, slang, language dictionaries, and general “word stuff.” was named to the list of 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers’ Digest in 2006. My link takes you to the word resources, but there is so much information on the site’s main page, I cannot possibly list it all in a blog post, condensed or otherwise. If you are at all interested in writing, from any angle, consider checking out this page for a Smithsonian’s worth of resources of, for and related to the written word.

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Yahoo! Now Knows When Your Researching And Helps You Take Notes

If you are not a reader of TechCrunch or Mashable (highly recommended tech blogs) and prefer to get your tech news from Advocate’s Studio (who can blame you?), you may not have heard yet about Yahoo’s new on-line notebook application called Search Pad. Search Pad is not the first on-line note taking application. But, unlike of the other options, the researcher is not forced to go elsewhere to record search notes or drastically change his or her normal searching behavior. To the latter end, Search Pad will automatically sense when you are spending time in a certain subject area in Yahoo and will display a prompt asking if you wish to take notes. If you say “yes”, the box is already populated with the research you have already conducted. You can select Search Pad manually as well, and drag and drop and add links and notes on the desired topic. If you cut and paste a portion of text from Yahoo, it will search its own index and supply the missing URL. Or, it will search the Web for the relevant content. You can then print your notes, or save it to your Yahoo account.

A plus is a more seamless integration between web-searching and note-taking through the reading of attention behavior and corresponding reduction in research steps through intelligent automation. Another plus is that Search Pad is not strictly limited to Yahoo, as it will search the entire Web when attributing source to note. A drawback is that you cannot share your notes with others on the web. Another drawback is that the feature is in private beta and not yet readily accessible to the unwashed masses, such as myself, and it looks like it will be month before its general release.

Nonetheless, Search Pad is exciting news to this heavy-duty on-line researcher who is perennially interested in all things free, easy and efficient on the Web.