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Highlighting another collection of writing resources here: the collected links at the jump concern style, grammar, definitions, copy editing, indexing, slang, language dictionaries, and general “word stuff.” was named to the list of 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers’ Digest in 2006. My link takes you to the word resources, but there is so much information on the site’s main page, I cannot possibly list it all in a blog post, condensed or otherwise. If you are at all interested in writing, from any angle, consider checking out this page for a Smithsonian’s worth of resources of, for and related to the written word.

Internet Resources – Writers Resources – Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers – Word Stuff


4 comments on “Internet Resources – Writing Links & Links for Writers

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback! I heartily recommend Friendfeed – once you figure it out, it is hard to go back to Twitter. But, from what I can see, there is more attorney activity on Twitter, while there is more tech activity on Friendfeed, so interests will definitely dictate where to spend the time.

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