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I am posting this entry directly in WordPress, rather than through my usual route – LiveWriter. This is because I am trying out a new FireFox add-on called Zemanta. Zemanta suggests content to enrich your blog, such as pictures, text, links, etc. After downloading, the Zemanta plus sign icon appeared in my address bar to show that it was active. My WordPress Dashboard now includes a pane to the right entitled Zemanta, with an update button, filter settings, a log-in button, suggested images, and content text and links (in the present case, on the topic of Zemanta).

The Zemanta logo above is taken from the box, which only includes non-copyrighted images. Before, I would search out the image in a separate window in Google images, save as .jpg and upload. Multiple steps and clicks. I added the Zemanta logo from the pane with one click.

Zemanta also auto-tags your posts. I added below a link to other blog posts about Zemanta from the list suggested in the pane. The pane also includes the option to visit the related content directly. Very recently, Zemanta became available in Gmail and YahooMail, offering the ability to enrich those communications as well.

The reader may remember a prior post in which I discussed the evolution of search and introduced something called the “semantic Web.” Zemata is a front-running example of the “semantic Web” in action – the application intelligently analyzes your content and matches it to other content across the Web that it deems relevant to your topic. Automation at its finest! Pretty soon, we won’t need people …..

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