ScribeFire and Zemanta Together!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better in my blogging world, I saw today that Zemanta (the content enrichment tool I discussed last week) has joined up with ScribeFire (a very popular Firefox blog editor add-on). Because I am always up for trying new tools that enhance and streamline my process, I shot right over to Firefox and ScribeFire’s website to take a look. The editor has the necessary tools for formatting and drafting, plus some nice extra extras, like the ability to drag and drop content from the web window underlying the engaged editor. The editor remains engaged in the web window, even across separate tabs, which greatly facilitates the search for web content. Just highlight the text you wish to include in a blog entry, right click and select “blog this page” from the context menu. The selected text will appear in the editor window.

ScribeFire supports WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, TypePad, LiveJournal, Windows Live spaces and others. You can use it for more than one blog. There are buttoms for the editor, monetize (adding advertising), Technorati, settings, and about. There is also a bookmarks page that allows you to manage delicious bookmarks.

The new “cool” here is the addition of a buttom for Zemanta. I clicked on it and the links you see below showed up in my post, and in the sidebar. The sidebar includes more articles, which can be selected if the drafter wants to beef up the content even more.

Tools like ScribeFire and Zemanta go far in eliminating blogging objections. Expect to see more ScribeFire and Zemanta buttons in my posts going forward.


5 comments on “ScribeFire and Zemanta Together!

  1. Well, this announcement has taken me by surprise I was using Scribefire for a short time but found it to be of little use to my blogging, however now Zemanta has come along it could provide a better value product for me! But, I do like the WordPress Dashboard a lot! It’s a tough call!

  2. I had been using LiveWriter for my posts because I liked the word processor feel of it. After hooking up the Zemanta plug-in, I used the dashboard and then tried editing the post in LiveWriter. That was silly, so now I think I now will compare the dashboard and ScribeFire. I can see having both available and using them for different reasons, i.e. dashboard for my more editorial stuff and ScribeFire for blogging on the fly when I see interesting material on the Web. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the different options!

  3. I’ll have to check out livewriter. Does it work with Blogger? I have posted my first post via Zemantia/Scribefire. Let me know what you think. The links addition is especially helpful in Blogger.

  4. It appears there had been some issues of Live Writer vis a his Blogger but appears currently to be working by most accounts. Live Writer is a free Microsoft download and is a comfortable and elegant program with lots if functionality.

    Can’t check blogs from my current location but I will be able to later and give some feedback. I liked my experience with the app yesterday.

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