Make Your Mouse Jump Ship

Image by totalAldo via Flickr

I have been thinking, lately, of adding another monitor to my laptop set-up, so that I can keep track of more information at the same time and increase efficiency. Having never used a multi-monitor set-up, I admit that I have a few “newbie-style” questions about how it works in the real world. One of those questions is: “how do you access information on the different screens with your mouse?”

Lifehacker has a post today about Multi-Monitor Mouse, an application triggered by a keyboard sequence that jumps your mouse from one monitor to the next. There are settings that allow you to set the order of the jumps (for more than two monitors) and the placement of the cursor after the jump, among other tweaks. Seems like a must-use application for multi-monitor set-ups.

Well, that’s one question answered.

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