Since When Is Intelligence Actionable?

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Be careful: Dow Jones Insight might have “smarts” so lethal, there ought to be a law against them. Not really, but I did get a chuckle from John McIntyre’s post at You Don’t Say on the obtuse employment of jargon with unintended “legal” consequences. Mr. Mcintyre’s colleague forwarded a paragraph praising Dow Jones’ Insight product, an “automated media analysis solution”, for its many features, not the least of which being the product’s “actionable intelligence for proactive communications strategies.” I’m certain this is not what the drafter intended, but it sounds to me that Insight’s got the “smarts” to land itself in court. But don’t worry: I imagine Insight is fully capable of defending itself with it’s “proactive” communication strategies (read: motion to dismiss).

UPDATED: with link now (damnable iPhone WP interface)

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